About us

About Us

La Herballe is a company that provides natural skin care/wellness products and services (Weight management and healthcare). We provide treatments such as treatment of pigmentation, freckles, pimples/acne/scars, ageing spots, wrinkle reduction, brown/black spots, skin whitening. Services include weight management coaching/treatment and chronic disease management.

We actively coach/train individuals on effective skincaring and weight management online/offline.

La Herballe Skincare Specialist and Wellness actively distribute products to clinics and other salons. We offer licensing business package and also dropship/distributor/agent program.

La Herballe’s best selling products to date are Face/ Body wash (a 2-in-1 Face and Body cleanser), Facial Mask/Sauna, Spot Corrector, Night Whitening Care and Sunblock. Basically, our skin care’s main ingredients are green apple peel, green tea and lavender that are rich in Vitamin A, E and C. Using these products produce a fairer, blemish-free, spot free and younger looking complexion. Our products do not produce side effect and very suitable for sensitive skin as they are plant based and no alcohol.

Our Outlets

La Herballe SkinCare Specialist and Wellness was established in year 2004 to cater to the growing awareness of people seeking to look good and be healthy.A proud Malaysian home-grown brand business , based on Japanese technology skin care that was formulated 30 to 100+ years ago. Our Headquarter is located in

  • NB Plaza (Prai, Penang), Tel: 016-410 2048


  • Concorde Hotel Shah Alam (Selangor)
  • Customer Service, Tel: 016-410 9048

Our Vision

La Herballe’s vision is to assist individuals in realizing their skin dream, that is to be healthy, glowing and baby-like smoothness skin irrespective of each one's genetic predisposition.

We envision to be the No. 1 preferred place for purchase of skincare/wellness products, doing facial treatment and other wellness services.

We are committed to providing good quality skincare/wellnesscare products and services at affordable price.

Our Mission

To solve the skin problems of individual thru effective and natural products / services.

To assist in the wellbeing of individuals who would like to look & feel great and help in creating a positive and joyful communities.

Feel the Nature's caress, stay naturally beautiful.

La Herballe's the smartest choice.

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